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Working in the Finnish city of Oulu lets you build a life that looks like you. Before, during and after work.

Amidst the remarkable natural surroundings, Oulu is a modern ICT city. Backed up with centuries of global networking, the northern capital of the happiest place on Earth consists of various, international career paths. Here you’ll find both world-class opportunities and expertise.


In Oulu, the original and creative urban life flows in seamless harmony with the area’s pristine nature. The unique river delta opens up a plethora of waterways, swamps and forests to explore. The varying flora and fauna of the area are guaranteed to surprise. On mild summer days and nightless nights as well as during the calm and white winter like no other.

For the people of Oulu, a stable and clean life is a given.

Blaze your own trail or pick an existing one. Be it a professional adventure, a hike on the city’s several outdoor tracks or kayaking along the “Amazon of Oulu”, Oulu presents you with a multitude of paths – always right at your doorstep. Join us in developing to become the best in the world.

A bunch of inspiring reasons to be interested in working in Oulu

Here you’ll have all the opportunity in the world at your fingertips. Just read about our internationally known ICT companies.

Oulu is the first location in Europe where Silicon Valley startup Alif Semiconductor has established a presence. Why did the firm decide to come to Oulu after setting up two offices in California, one in Singapore and one in Bangalore, India?

A job with Nokia in Oulu has given Atul Saxena the opportunity to create new state-of-the-art products and be passionate about engineering. Read more about Atul’s thoughts on Finnish corporate culture and work-life-balance.

Rafeeq Rafeeq moved to the city of Oulu with his family in February 2022 to join the team that designs new electronic systems at Nokia. But why do we need to develop new chips all the time? Read more about the job that has potential to make a global impact.

ICTOulu is a network of companies operating in Oulu.
From lean startups to global IT giants.

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