AADA demonstrates solutions for everyday life

The purpose of the AADA service is to assist people in their everyday lives through digitalisation. It is essentially a virtual showroom demonstrating mainly technological solutions that support living at home, well-being, and self-care. The solutions have been tested and validated as functional by welfare and health professionals. The AADA service helps residents and professionals to find the solutions they need quickly and efficiently. AADA also informs the resident or a next of kin about where to obtain a certain solution. A demand for the AADA service has been recognised, as currently there is a multitude of well-being solutions on the market, but people are not necessarily familiar with them, and they are dispersed all over the internet.

The AADA service was created in an innovation and testing project of the Northern Ostrobothnia Hospital District. The service is currently in trial use and is still being co-created. 20 companies were included in the first stage of the project.

Learn more about the AADA service: https://aada-palvelu.fi/