After work

What if your everyday chores and leisure were in perfect balance? In Oulu this is possible – 365 days a year.

”There seem to be more hours in a day and less of a general rush.”
Maria Vuorensola, an Oulu returnee

Many new Oulu residents in particular feel that Oulu gives extra hours to one’s day, and there is more free time after a day of work or studies. You have plenty of time to do all sorts of fun things – which is only natural.

Our city is compact, all the services are near, and it is quick to get around from place to place. In fact, there is a saying that in Oulu you can get from any place to another in 20 minutes.

Each one of us is trying to find the perfect balance between work and leisure – at least from time to time. Naturally, a good balance means different things to different people. For some, regular working hours and a peaceful work environment become valuable assets at some point. Then again, others have more appreciation for leisure opportunities and a family-friendly neighbourhood to live in.

Oulu offers all these possibilities and a lot more – in a well-balanced city where life puts a smile on your face.

Oulu puts a smile on your face.

Nature is near

Whether you are a talent of your trade who wants to relax after a busy day at work, or a holidaymaker looking for a place to take it easy, Oulu has pleasant surprises in store.

In Oulu, nature is always near, right at the front door of your home or behind the corner of your hotel. You can enjoy lush, green scenery and clear waters even in the city centre. You can admire such a view even while enjoying your favourite book at the main library or visiting a floating sauna on Oulu River.

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There is a popular sauna raft called Kesän sauna on Tuira Beach in Oulu.

Perfect relaxation in a floating sauna

Oh, the wonder of a sauna after a long day and a dip in natural waters! After a swim, you can return to the gentle heat of the sauna and take in the green scenery lining the banks of Oulu River.

Koivuranta Sauna Raft provides the smooth heat of a log sauna for as many as 20 people at a time, throughout the year. There is another popular sauna raft called Kesän sauna on Tuira Beach, run by volunteers from late spring until October every year.

Check out the special atmosphere of Kesän sauna (opens in a new tab).

Find out more about Koivuranta Sauna Raft (opens in a new tab).

Oulu has plenty of festivals to offer.

Have fun and find entertainment

Do you feel like going wild after work or are you looking for more serene cultural experiences? Oulu has plenty of entertaining leisure opportunities to offer – bigger and smaller thrills, unique events, and northern culture.

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”I have extra hours in my days”

How does it feel to move back to Oulu after spending years away? Henna Perkkiö tells us about her experiences as a returned former expat in a familiar but changed city – with more personal time in her days.

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”Break culture – Finnish wisdom”

Doris Yue, 35, is an architect from Hong Kong who now works for UKI Arkkitehdit in Oulu. She is especially inspired by the break culture at her current workplace, with several breaks taken every day.

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