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Welco­me to Oulu – the city with a hig­her gra­de of qua­li­ty. Oulu offers you an inter­na­tio­nal, ins­pi­ring, and evol­ving place to call home. Here your dai­ly life will run smooth­ly, and the qua­li­ty of life is excel­lent.

Vil­la Vic­tor – learn Fin­nish and take part in events

Mul­ticul­tu­ral Cent­re Vil­la Vic­tor pro­vi­des acti­vi­ties for immi­grants and Finns living in Oulu, such as Fin­nish lan­gua­ge les­sons and gui­dance in dif­fe­rent lan­gua­ges free of char­ge. Vil­la Victor’s mul­ti­lin­gual staff pro­vi­de gui­dance and infor­ma­tion on public aut­ho­ri­ties, tips for dif­fe­rent aspects of life, and help in proble­ma­tic situa­tions. At Vil­la Vic­tor you can also learn new lan­gua­ges, meet people, and par­tici­pa­te in a varie­ty of events.

Fin­nish lan­gua­ge cour­ses

Are you loo­king for a sneak peek into Fin­nish? Or have you alrea­dy stu­died some Fin­nish and wish to con­ti­nue lear­ning? Oulu has hundreds of Fin­nish cour­ses on offer for all levels of stu­dents.

The Uni­ver­si­ty of Oulu offers lan­gua­ge cour­ses to degree stu­dents in all facul­ties. At the Open Uni­ver­si­ty and the Sum­mer Uni­ver­si­ty (Poh­jois-Poh­jan­maan kesäy­li­opis­to), you can also stu­dy Fin­nish and other lan­gua­ges.

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Vuol­le offers many cour­ses in Fin­nish. A new pro­ject has star­ted for tho­se with basic educa­tion, tho­se who know no Fin­nish, and tho­se who have alrea­dy stu­died some Fin­nish but would like to speak Fin­nish more fluent­ly. The trai­ning is free of char­ge, and after comple­ting the cour­se, par­tici­pants will recei­ve a cer­ti­fica­te of par­tici­pa­tion and com­pe­tence.

Read more about the Vuol­le Col­le­ge.

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The Sum­mer Uni­ver­si­ty of Nort­hern Ostro­both­nia offers over 600 dif­fe­rent cour­ses annual­ly. The sum­mer uni­ver­si­ty orga­ni­ses lan­gua­ge cour­ses, open uni­ver­si­ty cour­ses, voca­tio­nal educa­tion, and hob­by and well-being cour­ses.

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The Oulu Upper Secon­da­ry School for Adults offers many educa­tio­nal oppor­tu­ni­ties for immi­grant stu­dents, such as Fin­nish as a second lan­gua­ge or basic educa­tion for adults during the day. Most of the teac­hing is free of char­ge.

Read more about educa­tion at Oulu Upper Secon­da­ry School for Adults (in Fin­nish).

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Inter­na­tio­nal House Oulu – home for inter­na­tio­nal talents

Are you plan­ning to move to Oulu? Or have you alrea­dy arri­ved and need sup­port? Inter­na­tio­nal House Oulu offers a ver­sa­ti­le selec­tion of ser­vices and acti­vi­ties for inter­na­tio­nal talents – inclu­ding events, com­pa­ny visits, and career coun­sel­ling. Our web­si­te con­tains infor­ma­tion about our ser­vices and sup­port for job see­king, for example.

Fol­low Oulu Talent Hub on Lin­ke­dIn #oulu­ta­lent­hub
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Oulu Skills Cent­re helps you find emplo­y­ment

Oulu Skills Cent­re (Maa­han­muut­ta­ja Oske) pro­vi­des indi­vi­dual skill assess­ment plans for foreign job see­kers, inclu­ding gui­dance on cour­ses and networ­king with poten­tial emplo­yers. Coun­sel­lors meet job see­kers per­so­nal­ly and work clo­se­ly with emplo­y­ment ser­vices.

SIM­HE-Oamk – are you inte­res­ted in aca­de­mic stu­dies?

Are you an immi­grant and you live in Fin­land? Are you inte­res­ted in hig­her educa­tion?

SIM­HE-Oamk offers gui­dance for the immi­grants living in nort­hern Fin­land. SIM­HE-Oamk pro­vi­des per­so­nal gui­dance rela­ted to stu­dy oppor­tu­ni­ties for immi­grants inte­res­ted in hig­her educa­tion stu­dies. The gui­dance ser­vices are avai­lable also for all immi­grants with hig­her educa­tion background.

Educa­tion for immi­grants

The Fin­nish educa­tio­nal sys­tem sup­ports indi­vi­dual and flexible educa­tio­nal paths for immi­grants. Oulu offers plen­ty of oppor­tu­ni­ties. Find your per­so­nal path to educa­tion and enjoy stu­dying!

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Are you loo­king for a job or a new career?

The­se are some of the web­si­tes that will inform you about vacant posi­tions and sup­port your career plan­ning.

Find job oppor­tu­ni­ties in North Ostro­both­nia (opens in a new tab: (in Fin­nish)

Jobs in Fin­land por­tal (opens in a new tab)

Busi­ness­A­se­ma emplo­y­ment and busi­ness coun­sel­ling (opens in a new tab)

North Ostro­both­nia TE Ser­vices (opens in a new tab: (in Fin­nish)

Uni­ver­si­ty of Oulu Career Cent­re (opens in a new tab:

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