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Is working in Oulu on your bucket list? Here you can combine purposeful work with a higher grade of living – whatever that means to you! For example, the health care industry and ICT field are constantly looking for new talents, but there are interesting job opportunities in Oulu for experts in any field.

Combining work and leisure is exceptionally easy in Oulu. Here the commute between home and work is short and there are few traffic jams to slow you down: the saying goes that you can get almost anywhere within Oulu in 20 minutes.
Come and work in Oulu – and enjoy your life!

Find employment in the metal industry!

Are you looking for a job? Are you interested in the versatile metal industry? Oulu and the surrounding region has plenty of jobs for professionals of the metal industry, whether you are a fresh talent or returning to the field. There are also many different educational options to choose from. Education in the metal industry is an excellent choice to develop your expertise, allowing you to find a profession with a variety of job descriptions.

Are you an ICT professional?

Whether you are a software developer or other professional in the field of technology, there are always hundreds of positions in the ICT industry to be filled by new talent.

Interested in finding guaranteed occupation in healthcare?

Do you work in healthcare or plan to return to nursing? The Oulu region has plenty of jobs for healthcare professionals.

Are you looking for a job or a new career?

Here are some websites that provide information about vacant posts and support your career planning.

See job opportunities in North Ostrobothnia (opens in a new tab:

Jobs in Finland portal (opens in a new tab:

BusinessAsema employment and business counselling (opens in a new tab:

North Ostrobothnia TE Services (opens in a new tab:

Or are you inspired by entrepreneurship in Oulu?

Oulu is a great place for establishing your own business. If you are thinking about starting one, we recommend you head to the most interesting station in the city, the BusinessAsema business station. Here you will get help with issues concerning business and employment on every weekday. You can also get remote counselling from the business services of BusinessOulu.

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For the international talent: Oulu Talent Hub

Oulu Talent Hub offers all sorts of services and activities for an international talent – these include events, company visits, and career counselling. Our web pages provide information about our services and support for job seeking, for example.

The Oulu Talent Hub project is funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) and carried out by BusinessOulu, University of Oulu, Oulu University of Applied Sciences, OSAO Educational Consortium, and Oulu Chamber of Commerce.
You can also find Oulu Talent Hub on LinkedIn – follow #oulutalenthub
Learn more about Oulu Talent Hub on LinkedIn (opens in a new tab:

You can also find Oulu Talent Hub on LinkedIn – follow #oulutalenthub
Learn more about Oulu Talent Hub on LinkedIn (opens in a new tab:

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For a young talent

Young person, are you looking for your first job? Or are you planning a whole new career? In Oulu, you can easily fulfil your dreams and enjoy pleasant living at the same time. Your dream job awaits just around the corner.

Oulu has many sorts of jobs to offer, as well as varying routes to employment. If you are still looking for the right direction, you can seek help at our free counselling services, such as Byströmin ohjaamo. It is an info and counselling desk for under 30-year-olds, offering many kinds of guidance – such as job seeking workshops and financial info sessions – online and on location.

Read more about what Byströmin ohjaamo has to offer (opens in a new tab:

Discover young people’s Oulu – information and counselling online (opens in a new tab:

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