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Data and AI in business with customer oriented approach

How digitality and data create value? How AI and data-analytics support business with customer oriented approach?

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Thu 02.02.2023 klo 09:00 – Thu 02.02.2023 klo 10:30


Zoom / LeaF tutkimusinfrastruktuuri

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Welcome to hearing and discussing, how data-analytics and AI help you to understand your client better.

Customer oriented approach in the centre of digital value-creation

Satu Nätti (KTT) is a marketing professor in Oulu business school. Nätti’s research focuses on Business-to-Business-marketing and -businesschains and they have studied especially digital value-creation of organisations in client relationships. Nätti has also coached businesses and public organisations in improving clientships and network operations. In this webinar they paint a picture of digital value-creation principals with research-based fundamentals.

With data or gut feeling? Utilizing data and client understanding in sales

Sales director of Kaleva Media Heidi Kananen (KTM, YTM, HHJ) has developed in clients and contents related data-, analytics- and AI-solutions in their work. Kananen is also an entrepreneur (AI Optio Oy), a coach and has written a book about utilizing AI in business. In this webinar Kananen unwraps in practical level, why data is needed, what kind of data is needed and how data is utilized especially in sales and customer experience.


Time: To 2.2.2023 klo 9.00–10.30
Location: Zoom-link ja Oulu university’s LeaF-infrastruktuuri 

Event is a part of HAiLife-project’s free seminar-series.


09:00 Satu Nätti: Customer oriented approach in the centre of digital value-creation.
09:45 Heidi Kananen: With data or gut feeling? Utilizing data and client understanding in sales.
10:30 Ending webinar

On the spot attendees have the opportunity to stay and get to know LeaF -tutkimusinfrastruktuuri and its datacollecting opportunities. 

Warmest welcome!

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