Future makers are in Oulu

Oulu is the fastest growing city region in Arctic Europe with 250,000 inhabitants. We are also among Europe’s youngest, as our average age is just 38 years.  Every third has an academic degree and we’ve been found to be the happiest in the North, when it comes to quality of life.

On a daily basis, 2.6 billion people use mobile technologies developed in Oulu. Today, we are at the forefront in 5G network development – and fast going towards 6G.

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International school for children

Oulu International School with its elementary classes from 1–9 is aimed for Finnish and foreign children who benefit from international programmes and whose language skills are sufficient for studying in English.

Printed intelligence innovations

New business is born around printed intelligence in Oulu. The technology is being developed at PrintoCent innovation centre for printed intelligence and optical measurement technology. Printed intelligence enables completely new types of products, such as easily convertable, flexible intelligent screens or home-use instant tests.



Oulu’s education selection is internationally cutting edge. After solid elementary education, our ecoystem enables moving ahead the way you want: you’ll find a wide selection of career developing job opportunities and esteemed research communities. Oulu has been the springboard for many an innovative business straight to global markets. – What are you going to be when you grow up?

Research and development

Research and development are a strong focus area in Oulu, and we invest in it the most in Finland if expenditure is calculated per capita. The positive growth in product development investment means new businesses and jobs being born, and that a significant portion of product development is done in Oulu. The path to the future is being laid out in Oulu, espsecially concerning ICT, health and environmental technology sectors.

Unique ecosystem

You can come to Oulu with an idea and leave with a finished product in hand: we have everything you need to productise, fund, test, and commercialise your idea.

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