Fastest growing
city on the Arctic

Oulu is the fastest growing city of Arctic Europe. Signs of growth can be seen all over the place.

The strong expertise in ICT has created a unique base for innovations and new business in Oulu. Within the last three years, over 500 startups started operating, and the amount of rented offices has grown 140% within the last year. Bigger investments in the area are from Taiwan, China, USA, and Germany.

Population of Oulu is expected to continue grow around 20% during the next decades. Also the consumer potential is growing, as the amount of wage income tax has grown the most (+3.5%) of all Finnish cities.

Significant city center development projects have been finished: underground parking facility Kivisydän started operating in 2015 and Valkea shopping center opened in 2016. However, they are just the peak of the iceberg – still, around 300-400 million euros in investments on Oulu city center are yet to be realized. There are also several other areas of development in reach of investors.