OYS Testlab

OYS TestLab is a development and test environment for companies to test and develop their products and ideas in an authentic hospital environment and with genuine users. Oulu University Hospital uses the laboratory to develop their processes and to model and simulate building projects for the Future Hospital program.

At OYS TestLab, various hospital units can be built into open spaces: an operating theater, clinics, wards, control rooms, waiting areas etc. OYS TestLab has a 3D virtual space and capacity for testing 5G network.

Contact information

Timo Alalääkkölä, +358 40 561 4390, timo.alalaakkola(at)


OuluZone Automation is a new R&D environment and center for car and working machinery technology, infrastructure construction automation, and robotics.

OuluZone Automation offers:

  • Modeling and surveying
  • Machinery testing and development, references, comparisons
  • 3D data and machine on-line control
  • The whole working area process
  • Autonomous and unmanned vehicle and machine testing
  • Machine-to-Machine communication with new networks (4G, 4LTE, 5G)
Contact information

Rauno Heikkilä, +358 40 5385840, rauno.heikkila(at)
Pirkka Tukeva, +358 40 542 9791, pirkka.tukeva(at)
Olli Lukkari, + 358 40 593 7465, olli.lukkari(at)
Sanna Kivinen, sanna.kivinen(at)

Oamk SimLab and Oulu Citylab

Oulu University of Applied Sciences has a versatile simulation and studio environment ecosystem – Oamk SimLab, which can be used as a testing and development environment in the product development of health technology and welfare services.

Oulu CityLab is a test environment where the end-users are – at customers’ and patients’ homes and in all social and health care services within in the City of Oulu. You will get direct professional and customer feedback on your product.

Contact information

Oamk SimLab: Helena Heikka, +358 50 367 0341
Oulu CityLab: Jaana Kokko, +358 44 7034 030

5G Test Network

Full-scale 5G test network will support using 5G devices, higher frequency bands, cognitive management functionalities, system testing tools for new solutions. 5G Test Network consists of two network sites: at VTT’s restricted network, companies can test the functionality of their technologies, tools, and applications in a controlled environment. In the public network at University of Oulu, solutions such as those for the large-scale deployment of user devices can be verified.

Contact information

Atso Hekkala, +358 40 751 5708, atso.hekkala(at)
Pasi Maliniemi, +358 50 5765656, pasi.maliniemi(at)

PrintoCent Pilot Factory

At PrintoCent Pilot Factory, companies get easy access to new business development and pilot manufacturing resources for the introduction of printed intelligence components, systems and products from pilot production to early market trials. Application focus areas range from rapid disposable diagnostics, smart flexible lighting, wearable products to Internet-of-Things with sensors and energy harvesting.

Contact information

Sanna Rousu, +358 20 722 2070, sanna.rousu(at)


MAPGETS is an open visual 3D application platform. It offers a Software Development Kit (SDK) to quickly build new location based applications utilizing 3D technology and open application interfaces (API’s) plus an application store for publishing them. All in an easy to use browser based environment.

MAPGETS can be used as the platform for a wide range of applications designed for urban planning, asset management and process management.

Contact information

Anssi Savisalo, +358 41 538 9353, anssi.savisalo(at)