Oulu sets the perfect stage for companies wanting to lead technological development. The young, professional, skillful and specialized workforce of Oulu is dedicated to take your business to another level.

40 years of experience in telecommunication around Oulu area guarantees that you have the perfect mix of experienced professionals and eager young workers to recruit. Different educational operators also make sure that when there is need to fine-tune skills or knowledge of workers, there will always be a bunch of perfect partners to do that.

Two universities operate in Oulu: Oulu University of Applied Sciences (Oulu UAS) and University of Oulu. Additionally, Oulu Vocational College is one of the biggest vocational colleges in Finland. Combined, the two universities have 30,000 students and Oulu Vocational College has 11,100 more. From both universities, approximately 1,300 students graduate on a yearly basis.