ICTOulu is a part of BusinessOulu

ICTOulu is the city’s service platform for ICT enterprises, created to boost the members’ business, the development of new products and solutions, and foster their export to the international market. We base our activities on a collaborative way of doing things – the Oulu way.

As a public utility of Oulu, BusinessOulu is dedicated to providing its services equally for every Oulu-based company. We are very open for cooperation with public and private sector organizations who are willing to start new digital initiatives or achieve world class digital solutions. We hope you are interested and willing to tune your wavelength into Oulu’s frequency. Welcome to ICTOulu!

Oulu ICT ecosystem in a nutshell

So, what is the Oulu ICT sector as a whole? By Finnish, and even international standards, it is big! We have some 1,000 companies varying from large internationals (such as Nokia, Mediatek, Rohm, Flex, Etteplan, Commscope and so forth) all the way to small start-ups. The majority of local businesses are relatively small with a turnover mainly of millions of euros. However, we witness scale ups constantly. In Oulu these smaller companies develop state-of-the-art technology in their focus areas. It is typical for Oulu-based companies to keep the level of technological ambition high. There is a combined workforce of some 25,000 talents, of which 80% have university degrees from Oulu or other top tech universities. We also produce plenty of new talents locally; there are nearly 1,000 new university graduates with ICT-related degrees annually.

ICTOulu at your service

This site is the number one service to find a partner, identify a technology, scan a subcontractor, and discover a business that you are looking for. We encourage you to browse the site and immerse yourself into the exciting insights of the Oulu-based companies. The site also realizes and enables some of the key local services the BusinessOulu delivers to the local ICT ecosystem.

Oulu ICT companies form a large network of northern stars, and it will take more than one glance to learn all about it. ICTOulu is your fast lane into the local ICT world.