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Business Opportunities in International Markets

There are many global challenges that require innovative and high-quality technological solutions. Consequently, this presents an increasing number of business opportunities in new and exciting international markets, especially for businesses that work in the ICT sector in Oulu. However, whilst the benefits are potentially enormous, it can be tricky for companies to establish which path is the most suitable for their operations. Some of the questions that need to be considered include:

Linking Oulu ICT Companies to Global Value Chains

BOIM – Join Global is a project that is specifically aimed towards supporting Oulu-based SMEs with ambitions to expand internationally. This is an opportunity for companies to access global value chains and apply their cutting edge expertise and solutions to new markets. Through successful integration, this will strengthen the ecosystem of the entire Oulu region and bring our unique Arctic know-how to new customers and stakeholders around the world.

How We Can Help Your Business

Our core goal is to help your business achieve your international expansion ambitions by opening up pathways to participate in global value chains. There are opportunities to be involved in events, both in Finland and overseas, that can provide valuable insight and new customer or investor leads. Additionally, we can share information that relates to appropriate and relevant accelerator and collaboration programs, as well as offer practical guidance via our BusinessOulu company support services.

The International Market Workshops

During the first half of 2024, we will host a series of practical workshops at BusinessAsema to support local tech startups and scaleups in successfully achieving their international expansion goals.

It’s an exciting part of the journey of any small or medium company to enter global markets. It’s also a process that brings its own unique challenges, particularly in an ever-changing economic landscape. We aim to enable companies to be fully equipped and prepared to not only benefit from potential market opportunities but also to navigate their way past the obstacles that might stand in their way.

Details of our next workshop will be announced soon.

Want to Find Out More?

To find out the BOIM – JoinGlobal project can help your business, please contact Max Raymond from the ICTOulu Team: