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The idea behind the podcast

The ICTOulu team is producing a short podcast series titled “DeepTech Leads Oulu.” The concept behind this series is to showcase one deep tech company at a time, providing a concise and focused interview lasting 10-15 minutes. The objective is to spotlight the unique strengths that make each featured company particularly intriguing. Our target audience includes international listeners, primarily in the United States, but also elsewhere. The episodes will be available on our website and promoted directly to these international audiences.

Notably, individuals like Martti Wallin and other key stakeholders, who are actively involved in promoting our company’s initiatives, have responded very positively to our idea. We have a strong belief that our international stakeholder network will derive significant benefits from this podcast series.

The recordings take place at BusinessAsema, where ICTOulu team will conduct interviews with representatives of the featured companies. Interviewees will receive the questions in advance to ensure a smooth and informative discussion. We intend to create a dynamic and relaxed atmosphere during the interviews to make them more appealing to our audiences. The conversation should have a degree of informality and fluidity. We ask each company about their deep tech solutions, the inspiration behind the company, applications of their products and much more.



Ep 1: CoreHW – 14 September 2023

Ep 2: Q4US – 9 October 2023

Ep 3: Creoir – 2 November 2023

Ep 4: Orbis Systems – 8 November 2023

Special: Edge AI – 29 November 2023

Episode 5: Oulu Automotive Cluster – 23 April 2024

Special: Getting to know the ICTOulu Coordinator – 29 April 2024

Special: Funding opportunities for SMEs at ELY Keskus