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Are you a talented and eager software developer currently between jobs in Oulu? Are you seeking a fresh, inspiring opportunity where you can make a significant contribution using your professional skills in data analytics? Maybe establishing your own company could be the right choice for you!

We are currently experiencing a noticeable increase in demand for both dedicated application developers and subcontracting resources. This setting creates the perfect moment to jump on the entrepreneurship train with fresh new ideas either as a sidekick undertaking or all-in initiative. Here at BusinessOulu we have many resources available, both for new and for existing companies, all the way from the very basics to developing your business beyond the borders of Finland.

Start your own company and use our assistance on every step of the establishing process!


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Evaluate your ideas

All good ideas always have one thing in common: they were discussed with others, assessed, and adjusted to meet the market opportunity. So come and have your idea evaluated by our very own experts at BusinessOulu or Uusyrityskeskus! The BusinessOulu consultants can help you shape your idea, develop your business, and explore international markets. The Uusyrityskeskus consultants can help you understand the practicalities of starting a business like insurances, registrations, the basics of company taxation, and applying for entrepreneurial benefits like the Startup Grant.

We’ll also help you with finetuning your preferred customers, what problem you intend to solve for them, and how willing they would be to put money into your idea. These vital questions are hard to answer on your own, and at BusinessOulu you don’t have to. Once you have the answers, you can go on to the next step: setting up the company.

Get started at the Startup Station

At the Startup Station, we can give you everything you need to get rolling. We have advisors and coaches, knowledge, inspiration and networking available for aspiring entrepreneurs and early-stage startups. Want to get started right now? Join one of our events like the Techstars Startup Weekend Oulu where you can kick-start your business idea in one weekend! If you want to dive deeper, or you’re not sure how to start, you can join the Startup Express, a 14-week pre-incubator program full of workshops, 1-on-1 sparring sessions, and peer support that help you grow from the idea-stage to your first customers in your very own business.

As a software developer, data analyst, or other IT professional, entrepreneurship is an excellent option since work is often project-based in nature. You’re free to develop your own ideas, develop them with your entrepreneurial peers, and sell them to your customers, or help your customers develop their own ideas.

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A great place to work

Of course, if you want to start your own business, it’s vital that you have a good working place available, one that suits both you and your company. Do you want the joy and help that a team can offer? We’ve got you covered! We have good workspaces available at BusinessAsema, and at the Startup Station we have even more: our membership program is an opportunity for selected teams, to get access to the Startup Station space for six months. You can make use of our co-working space desks, lounge area and a meeting room. They offer you the possibility of doing focused work with all the help you could want, as well as connecting with fellow entrepreneurs and meeting others in the local startup community. We can offer you the opportunities to come up with the best new ideas. You can help out others if you want or be helped by them.

The Startup Station is also a great place to find people that might want to join your startup, or you could join someone else’s startup and help them thrive. You can find the IT professional you need, or you as IT professional can find the startup you want. There are many options out there, and at the Startup Station we aim to connect the people asking for and offering anything related to the startups.

Develop your network through us

Every entrepreneur is in need of a network. One that contains fellow entrepreneurs, potential customers, and can offer you all kinds of resources. Both BusinessOulu and the Startup Station regularly organize startup events where you can meet even more startups and build on that network.

Ready for more? ICTOulu has got you covered as well! As an IT company platform, we warmly welcome all Oulu-based IT companies to join us and create a free-of-charge profile on our website. We can spread the word on your brand-new (or long-established) company to our extensive network. We can keep you up to date on important events that would be suitable for you and/or your company to attend, and help you develop your network even more.

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Funding and growing possibilities

Starting your entrepreneurship journey is usually not cheap, and even once you get going it’s important to keep growing. If you’re in need of funding, we can help you find it! We can also help you grow your company once everything starts rolling, and even look beyond the borders of Finland through our export networks. If you’re not sure how you can get that growth started, we can help you develop new products or service ideas. Think big and think of the future! And if in that future your company is going steady, and you’re ready to pass your legacy on to someone else, we can even help you with that.

Business help – from idea to legacy

In short, at BusinessOulu we can offer you everything you could need as an entrepreneur. Get in touch with us, and we are very happy to help you every step of the way, no matter where you are on your journey.

Get in touch and become your own boss