Star­tup Express Pre-incu­ba­tor

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Turn your idea into a star­tup in 100 days with help of a com­mu­ni­ty

Are you inte­res­ted in launc­hing your own star­tup in Oulu, but not sure how to get star­ted? Star­tup Express is a pre-incu­ba­tor pro­gram that pro­vi­des skills, con­fi­dence and con­tacts to empower you on your jour­ney.


Our mis­sion is to help idea-sta­ge star­tup teams to rea­lize their dreams in Oulu in 100 days and build a kic­kass com­mu­ni­ty to sup­port them.

Never walk alo­ne. You get a com­mu­ni­ty of curious indi­vi­duals, coac­hes and men­tors to help you along the way.


Applica­tion is always ongoing → click here to apply! 

You are free to join the Star­tup Express com­mu­ni­ty whe­ne­ver you want.

Howe­ver, to boost your process from idea to busi­ness, we orga­nize two 14-week pro­gram cohorts 10/2023 — 1/2024 and 2 — 4/2024, whe­re we offer step-by-step sup­port for you. This is when the magic hap­pens. 

Next cohort launc­hes in begin­ning of Februa­ry. The­re­fo­re, you should sign up latest by Janua­ry 28th, so that you can have maxi­mum bene­fit from all the works­hop ses­sions and sup­port.


At Star­tup Sta­tion in the city cen­ter of Oulu.

For whom?


Pro­gram is free-of-char­ge, offe­ring you:

Impor­tant dates

(Dates are sub­ject to chan­ge)

Janua­ry 28th, 2024: Applica­tion to Star­tup Express is ongoing and you can apply at any time, but we recom­mend sig­ning up latest by this date in the win­ter

Below you can find the Star­tup Express win­ter 2024 works­hops. All events @ Star­tup Sta­tion. Teams are not expec­ted to par­tici­pa­te in all the works­hops, but we recom­mend taking part into as many as pos­sible to boost your progress.

Kic­koff: 7.2.2024

Team: 13.2.2024

Cus­to­mer Problem: 22.2.2024

Busi­ness Model & Pricing: 1.3.2024

Vali­da­tion: 7.3.2024

Pitch-Buil­ding: 13.3.2024

Growth Fun­ding + Pitch Prac­tice: 21.3.2024

Due Dili­gence & IPR: 4.4.2024

Demo day: 24.4.202

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Con­tact our team

We are ent­repre­neurs and experts, who have wal­ked the path befo­re. Whe­ne­ver you have ques­tions, plea­se feel free to be in touch with us.

Jan Sch­midt, Com­mu­ni­ty Mana­ger
+358 46 661 3752

Mik­ko Kor­pe­la, Coach
+358 400 499 242

Toni Pie­no­nen, Coach
+358 400 737 238