Invest in Oulu

Oulu seen in the evening dusk underneath the wing of an airplane, from high the air. Streetlights are glowing in the colour of yellow.

Oulu offers excellent opportunities for sustainable investments in the heart of rapidly developing northern Europe.

The population of Oulu has been predicted to increase by 20 per cent in the next decade. At the same time, also consumption will rise, but in a more sustainable manner: Oulu is investing heavily on circular economy, and the city is aiming at carbon neutrality by the year 2040. As an example, already 35 per cent of the wind power projects in Finland are set in North Ostrobothnia around the Oulu region.

Oulu, Finland
– ideal to invest in

Oulu is one of the Finland’s fastest growing city where the wireless future is created with 6G and other future innovations. Area is also the most significant center for business, culture and education in Northern Scandinavia. The Oulu Region is the ideal place to invest in Finland when you are looking for next growth opportunity for your business.

A significant number of projects is ongoing and being planned in the city of Oulu. Many city centre investments are under development – a new Travel Centre anda Sports and Events Arena, to name the biggest amounting up to 450 M€, as well as various office and hospitality investment opportunities available. However, these are just the peak of the iceberg, and there are several other areas of development for investors within different industries from data centres to sustainable industry..