A person wearing a white shirt and black pants is skateboarding in a skate park decorated with colourful graffiti underneath a blue sky. The person is in the middle of a trick, and the skateboard is rolling around under their feet.

Oulu is a treat: the easy-going atmosphere of a small town meets the services and abundant cultural selection of a big city, topped with four distinct seasons and fantastic natural experiences. Service suggestion: daily.

The long beach at Nallikari and the joyful mood at the Market Square on a carefree summer’s day. Blossoming cultural events and activities for all tastes. A charming and classy selection of restaurants and nice cafés. The sea ice and well-maintained ski tracks on a crisp winter’s day. Cycling along beautiful routes throughout the year – anywhere you want to go.

Does this sound like fantasy? Oh no, it is reality in Oulu, the city with more than a thousand inviting events every year. The city with high-class conditions for training traditional individual sports and team disciplines, not forgetting active enthusiasts of more modern sports. Four genuine seasons offer a varying environment for all kinds of activities.

More information about leisure options in Oulu

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