A person is biking on a winter’s day on the dam bridge. The person has dark clothes on, and sun is shining behind them. In the background, vapour is rising from the river, and buildings along the Oulu River can be seen on the bank.

In Oulu, the days roll by on people’s terms. In the cycling city, daily destinations and bigger dreams can be reached easily and ecologically. Oulu is easy to visit, but you may notice that you would rather stay a while longer!

Just think about it: Traffic jams and congestion will not stretch your days in Oulu! Smooth and swift mobility to work, hobbies and other everyday errands directly means more time for precisely what you value the most. A maximum of 20 minutes anywhere – here you will spend much less time on trips.

Oulu is also very accessible – location-wise, that is. Although our latitude is in the north, coming here is effortless. In fact, we are rather close to everything: just 50 minutes to the nation’s capital, a couple of hours to Central Europe, and all around the north in a flash. The nearest fell is just an hour and a half away! The airport serving our lively technology and university city is the second busiest in Finland, and the railways are a green option for coming and going around the clock.

Cycling capital around the year

Oulu tastes the best when you cycle, all summer and winter long. When the weather is warm, the roads are hot under the wheels of local pedalists as they make use of the excellent network of cycleways. New Cycling Superhighways provide particularly smooth transfer between the city centre and the university, among other districts. Bike trips to surrounding municipalities are equally effortless to make, if you feel the urge on a beautiful day.

How about when the wind is blowing, and the air is filled with snow? Residents of the winter cycling capital are drawn to ride their bikes even then, because cycling is a priority when it comes to road maintenance in the wintertime. This ensures that walking and cycling are a feasible option for most trips around the year. So, if you want to become a real Oulu citizen, hop on your bike in January and take a spin in the frosted city!

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