People are laughing and wading in shallow water near the shore, the sun is shining brightly. The wading people have rolled up the legs of their pants or lifted the hems of their skirts.

A hig­her gra­de of living, what is that? At least high-qua­li­ty housing with low costs, inte­res­ting job oppor­tu­ni­ties, lack of con­ges­tion, and compre­hen­si­ve, func­tio­nal ser­vices – not to for­get the urban, green natu­re around!

A bet­ter, more ins­pi­ring, and more mea­ning­ful Oulu is being built toget­her, con­ti­nuo­us­ly. The cul­tu­ral city on its way to beco­ming the best in Euro­pe offers events, acti­vi­ties, cul­tu­re, and well-being. The ser­vice selec­tion in the city is excel­lent and the­re are inte­res­ting emplo­y­ment oppor­tu­ni­ties for many tas­tes. Here you can get a top-notch educa­tion from todd­ler to doc­tor – in Fin­nish and in English.

The natu­re is clo­se, but the city is bust­ling with urban life. The Oulu region offers the latitude’s best con­di­tions for sus­tai­nable expe­riences and acti­vi­ties. And here is a free tip for all out­door people: the­re is no end to playgrounds, forest trails and out­door gyms that are open to all!

Among the most att­rac­ti­ve cities in Fin­land

Houses by the river photographed from the air. In the centre, there are also some berths with boats parked.


You are welco­me to live in Oulu, com­for­tably and more inex­pen­si­ve­ly than in other big cities. The com­pact­ness of Oulu means that alt­hough the city is wide you will never live far from whe­re you are going. Get to know more about housing in Oulu.

A person is biking on a winter’s day on the dam bridge. The person has dark clothes on, and sun is shining behind them. In the background, vapour is rising from the river, and buildings along the Oulu River can be seen on the bank.


The 20-minu­te city means exact­ly what you think it does – not­hing is far away! Get­ting around in Oulu and coming here is easy both by car and public trans­port. Two wheels are qui­te enough for swift mobi­li­ty, too, for Oulu is one of the self-evi­dent cycling capi­tals in the world. Get to know more about mobi­li­ty in Oulu.

A person wearing a white shirt and black pants is skateboarding in a skate park decorated with colourful graffiti underneath a blue sky. The person is in the middle of a trick, and the skateboard is rolling around under their feet.


Oulu is always at its best! The city is a sus­tai­nably growing hub of acti­vi­ties, events, and expe­riences. One after the other, the acti­vi­ties in Oulu are enjo­y­able, acces­sible, and dif­fe­rent. Get to know more about lei­su­re in Oulu.

Our super­powers are the dif­fe­rent people, neigh­bor­hoods, and Oulu’s rich and varied natu­re. We have the space, time, and oppor­tu­ni­ties for aut­hen­tic encoun­ters – of a hig­her gra­de°, natu­ral­ly – that may chan­ge your life.