Nainen ja mies International House Oulussa

Do you wish to deve­lop – stu­dy and work – in the city of hap­py people? The high level of exper­ti­se in educa­tion and inno­va­tion in Oulu is recog­ni­sed inter­na­tio­nal­ly.

After a stur­dy basic educa­tion, our eco­sys­tem enables progress in the way that you wish: we have estee­med uni­ver­si­ties, research orga­ni­sa­tions and workplaces that make career deve­lop­ment pos­sible – not for­get­ting relaxing afterwork acti­vi­ties.

Makers of the futu­re thri­ve in Oulu

Two people are sitting on a sofa and laughing in front of a colourful wall. The wall has black and pink stripes and the shapes of clouds on it. One of the people has the word “bitti” written with light letters on the wall behind her.


Is doing research or wor­king in Oulu on your buc­ket list? Or is your com­pa­ny plan­ning to go glo­bal and would like to hire an inter­na­tio­nal talent? Oulu has both the talent and the jobs: learn more about the ser­vices!

Deve­lop your­self

In Oulu, you can educa­te your­self from todd­ler to doc­tor or deve­lop your exper­ti­se to a who­le new level. A mul­ti­discipli­na­ry aca­de­mic com­mu­ni­ty and world-class research keep making Oulu even bet­ter – get on board for the ride.

Two men have climbed up and are standing against the facade of a pink building. They are clinging to each other and parts of the facade for support. A text over a doorway on the facade says “Oulun yliopisto” (University of Oulu).
Young people are posing in front of the open trunk of a car. They are holding beverages and wearing relaxed clothes, some have sunglasses on.

After work

Some­ti­mes it is OK to take it easy: Oulu has plen­ty of afterwork oppor­tu­ni­ties for groups of friends or teams of col­lea­gues. Switch off and relax!

Talent sto­ries

Would you like to get to know what it’s like to stu­dy or work in Oulu? Meet our inter­na­tio­nal talent who live in Oulu and read their ins­pi­ra­tio­nal sto­ries.

A man in a checkered shirt in front of a colorful wall.

Are you a SoC-specia­list? Apply for a posi­tion at Nokia

Apply for a posi­tion at Nokia or a Master’s degree pro­gram­me at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Oulu. Apply for a scho­lars­hip to get 70 % of your tui­tion fee paid by the Uni­ver­si­ty of Oulu.

Be the next to get a job in the metal industry

Are you loo­king for work? Does the ver­sa­ti­le metal industry inte­rest you? Plen­ty of jobs can be found in Oulu and near­by region for metal industry pro­fes­sio­nals.

Stu­dies show that people in the north and Oulu are the hap­piest when it comes to qua­li­ty of life. Will you soon be one of them?