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Arctic Food Lab — local flavours and experiences (opens in a new tab)

Northern Finland’s short but intensive summer ripens our local ingredients. Arctic Food Lab is a programme that brings forth the ingredients that have grown under the European Capital of Culture, Oulu2026 region’s Northern sky, and the uniqueness of traditional food born under arctic circumstances.



Oulu-based know-how in marketing a Disney film – Carolina got the commission of her dreams (opens in a new tab)

Encanto, a film that premiered this year, is boosted by some know-how from Oulu too. Carolina Morera, who is originally from Colombia, was commissioned to contribute to the marketing materials of a brand-new Disney film.

Read more about Carolina’s work.

Application for OUAS soon open (opens in a new tab)

Oulu University of Applied Sciences offers three Bachelor’s degree programmes and five Master’s degree programmes taught entirely in English. The new application period for English degree programmes is open on 5–19 January 2022.



Elegant macarons, original French cakes and flavourful tarts (opens in a new tab)

Mon Chou claims to be the world’s northernmost French pastry shop, or pâtisserie. It’s certainly very authentic: the sight, smell and decor immediately transport visitors to France.

Read more about Mon Chou.

The joy and power of fishing (opens in a new tab)

There are not many places in the world where you can fish for salmon in the city centre. Here in Oulu we can! What’s more, we have some accessible decks for wheelchair users. Hannu is a young man in a wheelchair. Being able to fish makes a huge difference to his quality of life.

Watch the video about Hannu and his hobby.

Nokia to build new campus in Oulu (opens in a new tab)

The campus is expected to be completed during 2025 and it will enable Nokia’s continuous innovation and development at the forefront of 5G technologies.

Read more about the new campus.

Coding and robotics camps for international youth and teacher groups in Oulu (opens in a new tab)

Saaga Travel and Code School Finland are joining forces to offer coding and robotics camps for international youth and teacher groups in Oulu.

Read more about the new project.

“Oulu offers me what I need” (opens in a new tab)

A software developer by trade and an artist in her free time. That’s how Anastasiia Borodulina, who has lived in Oulu for five years, describes herself. Chance led Anastasiia to Oulu.

See more about Anastasiia’s life.

Pure Networking – a good opportunity for getting to know people (opens in a new tab)

The Pure Networking events at BusinessAsema are targeted for Finnish and foreign networkers. Its purpose is to promote, counsel, guide and give tips about career plans and acquaint people with others in a similar situation.

Have a closer look at Pure Networking.

Teknoware to establish a product development unit in Oulu (opens in a new tab)

Lahti-based Teknoware will establish a product development unit in Oulu. The unit will design electronics products and associated software for demanding railway equipment applications and emergency lighting for buildings.

See more about Teknoware’s plans.

The students in Oulu are on average more satisfied than students at other universities in Europe (opens in a new tab)

A European student survey rates the University of Oulu very favourably. According to Vivek Manjunatha Swamy, an Indian student, studying at the University of Oulu is safe, and help has been readily available during the pandemic.

See more about the study results.

International talent day for the first time in Oulu (opens in a new tab)

Yinan Li from China and Iqra Khan from Pakistan both enjoy life in Oulu. They came to find out more about MediaTek’s operations. “It’s important to find out what employment opportunities Oulu has to offer,” Iqra says.

Learn more about International talent day.

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