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Ouluhalli arena and its surroundings photographed from the air. The roof of Ouluhalli has been coloured blue and violet with lights, and the degree sign of Oulu brand has also been created on the roof with lights.

What are we doing in Oulu – and beyond? Read the latest news and articles about different aspects of our city.

The University of Oulu and The University of Tokyo announce an academic and scientific collaboration agreement.


Rafeeq Rafeeq is a newcomer to Oulu. He moved to the city with his wife and two daughters in February 2022 to join the team that designs new electronic systems at Nokia.

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Jawad Malik came here from Pakistan to study master’s in education and technology and pursue his passion in telecommunication. Currently, he is working at Nokia as a System performance Engineer.

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For the last year or so, there has been a lot of attention placed on the idea of the metaverse: an evolution in how we interact with people and platforms online, driven by a multitude of technologies that will enable us to participate in shared experiences through virtual environments.

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Niyati Kandikanti is an ambassador for Oulu Talent Hub, and she enjoys networking. – There are many opportunities in Oulu to interact with other international students and visit new places.

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Oulu is the first location in Europe where Silicon Valley startup Alif Semiconductor has established a presence. Why did the firm decide to come to Oulu after setting up two offices in California, one in Singapore and one in Bangalore, India?

Read Neil Jackson’s answers.

Kamal Singh came to Oulu in 2010 for his studies from India. At the University of Oulu, he studied to be a wireless communication engineer. Currently, Kamal is working as a Network Coordinator

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Arctic Food Lab is Oulu2026 Capital of Culture year’s program that focuses on local food and food culture. The table setting is already being prepared for the culture capital year.

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Vanessa Phekani came to Oulu from Malawi. She hold a bachelor’s degree in public administration and sociology, and a master’s degree in education and globalisation from the University of Oulu.

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Alisa Zhyhulova has been working at Kotipizza entrepreneurs Jasmin and Jarkko Mannila’s restaurant since August. Her determined job hunt and Finnish studies paid off.

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Maja Terning is from Tromsø in Northern Norway. She has been living here in Oulu for 16 years now, and working with BusinessOulu for about eight years.

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Right now, Erika Benke is working as a contributor to BBC News and as a freelance journalist. Before moving to Oulu, she lived in London for 23 years. She found here the quality of life she was looking for. “After two years of working in Oulu, I’m still as relaxed as if I was on holiday”, she says.

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