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4 international talent at BusinessAsema

Chiara Bosetti, Moustafa Awny, Sharmin Farah and Niyati Kandikanti were Oulu Talent Hub ambassadors 2022.

Would you like to get to know what it’s like to study or work in Oulu? Meet our international talent who live in Oulu and read their inspirational stories.

Woman with lake view

“There is something for everyone in Oulu”

Shefat Islam is originally from Bahrain. Currently, she is a communications intern and studies MSc. in Marketing at the University of Oulu.


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“Knowing people here is what makes things easier”

Moamen Ibrahim, 28, is originally from Egypt. He works now as a Machine Learning Engineer at Solita. He has been here in Oulu for five years.


Man watching winter scenery in Oulu

“Don’t get annoyed by long dark days in winter, you have snow and auroras”

Jawad Malik came here from Pakistan to study master’s in education and technology and pursue his passion in telecommunication.


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“Don’t say ‘No’ when opportunities come knocking”

Vanessa Phekani came to Oulu from Malawi. She hold a bachelor’s degree in public administration and sociology, and a master’s degree in education and globalisation from the University of Oulu.


“What I love about the people here is that they are great listeners”

Kamal Singh came to Oulu in 2010 for his studies from India. At the University of Oulu, he studied to be a wireless communication engineer. Currently, Kamal is working as a Network coordinator.


“Winter activities in Oulu make it an even more special city”

Moustafa Khairi is working as a machine learning operations engineer in Oulu. He is 25 years old, and his home city is Alexandria, Egypt.


“I know that in Oulu, I can trust people”

Gökhan Depo studied in the Education and Globalisation (EdGlo) master’s programme at the University of Oulu between 2014 and 2017. Now he works at E2 Research, an independent, multidisciplinary, research organisation.

Kiran Pandit

”Oulu is a helpful place for international students, and people are nice”

Kiran Pandit came to Finland from Nepal and completed a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business at Oulu University of Applied Sciences (OAMK). He is a chairperson of the board of Pintamestarit.

The incredible journey of Chiara Bosetti

Oulu Talent Hub Ambassador Chiara Bosetti, originally from Italy, came to Oulu one year ago. “I had great expectations, and I certainly got what I was looking for”, she says.

Woman smiling at the front of Oulu University

“During my first walks in Oulu, I felt like I was in a fairy tale”

Débora Oliveira, 34, is from São Paulo, Brazil. Besides doing a master’s in education and globalisation at the University of Oulu, she is a communications trainee at Oulu Talent Hub.

“If you want to work in Oulu, believe in yourself and push hard”

Viktors Sobolevs came to Oulu from Latvia, and studied at Oulu University of Applied Sciences (Oamk). Now, he works as a business product manager at Polar.

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How Oulu became a must-go place for a former BBC journalist?

Right now, Erika Benke is working as a contributor to BBC News and as a freelance journalist. Before moving to Oulu, she lived in London for 23 years. She found here the quality of life she was looking for. “After two years of working in Oulu, I’m still as relaxed as if I was on holiday”, she says.

Doris Yue believes her dreams will come true in Oulu

Doris Yue, 35, came to Oulu from Hong Kong. She is married with a Finnish man and moved to Oulu about two and a half years ago. Now she works as an architect and enjoys her life.

Nainen hymyilee kameralle

“Northern Lights – the best thing to experience in Oulu”

Sharmin Farah came to Oulu from Bangladesh. Her life has changed significantly during the five years she have lived in Finland. Though it has been a rollercoaster ride, I am enjoying this journey, Sharmin says.

”You must come to Oulu with an open mind and a big smile”

Junnaid Iqbal works as a System Simulation Engineer at Nokia. He has been in Oulu nearly two and a half years.

“Oulu is a perfect environment for families”

Tamara Louis, 30, is an architectural designer living in Oulu. She came here from Russia in September 2012. We interviewed Tamara about her thoughts on living and working in Oulu.

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“I feel positive about my possibilities here”

Niyati Kandikanti is an ambassador for Oulu Talent Hub, and she enjoys networking. – There are many opportunities in Oulu to interact with other international students and visit new places.


“I think everybody can find friends here”

Maja Terning is from Tromsø in Northern Norway. She has been living here in Oulu for 16 years now, and working with BusinessOulu for about eight years.