“I feel positive about my possibilities here”

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Niyati Kandikanti is an ambassador for Oulu Talent Hub, and she enjoys networking. – There are many opportunities in Oulu to interact with other international students and visit new places, Niyati says.


Hi, I’m Niyati! I’m an ambassador for Oulu Talent Hub, and I’d like to share with you some things about myself and my experiences.

Born in the city of Hyderabad, India, higher education studies have taken me to many places in India, Germany and Finland. My previous education includes a licentiate degree in pharmacy, a diploma in clinical data management and studies at Ulm University, Germany.

I have worked as a clinical pharmacist, a biomedical data management intern, a university lecturer, a research intern in neuroscience, pharmacology and toxicology and microfluidics and a postgraduate researcher studying extracellular vesicles.

Niyati Kandikanti


Most people say home is where the heart is. With my driving questions aiming for better healthcare interventions, my heart is set on finding answers. I’m a healthcare professional studying to be a biomedical researcher. I am still as star-struck by the peace, the beautiful nature, and the lovely people of Oulu, just as on my very first snowy December day. There must be something in the air that brings out the best in me.

I came across Oulu when I was searching for higher education in Europe. I found some interesting things about life in Finland and was attracted by the quality of research, the flexibility of the programmes and the international exchanges at the University of Oulu. While I turn 30, I’m soon to complete my double-degree Molecular Medicine MSc at the University of Oulu.

Career goals can be challenging, but I have found Oulu to be a place that allows me balance studies, work and life. There are laws protecting the safety and wellbeing of all groups of people, which gives me a sense of stability and security in all daily activities – from the food I eat to the work I do.

Niyati Kandikanti


Coming to education, I like the higher education system here in Finland. My studies are very flexible and personalised, in that I can pick and choose the courses that I am interested in to complete my degree.

Oulu University has two major streams in the field of biochemistry: Protein Science and Molecular Medicine. I am pursuing a double-degree MSc in Molecular Medicine – a unique type of degree recognised by two different universities—the University of Oulu, Finland and Ulm University, Germany – where I completed part of my studies.

My favourite part of my studies is the huge research component involved and the international experience. Coming from the clinical pharmacy discipline, my biochemistry lab skills were limited. But now I am learning new skills and I am working with multiple research groups focused on interesting topics. I feel much more confident working in the lab now while handling my own master’s thesis project.

Niyati Kandikanti


I enjoy networking. There are many opportunities in Oulu to interact with other international students and visit new places, such as the annual ESN student cruise. I feel that the balance between fun and responsibility greatly improves my student experience in Finland.

I like taking opportunities to explore my teamwork and collaborative skills. I get to take part in an activity-packed life, as Oulu has several opportunities for students and professionals to engage in recreational and proactive events.

At the University of Oulu, I have several student positions, including being a student wellbeing tutor, student ambassador and a member/deputy member of several student union committees (FSHS Health Working Group, the Student Wellbeing Working Group, the Equality and Diversity Working Group, the University Collegium, the Education Committee).

I’m also an ambassador for Study in Finland. Wellbeing Tutoring is an OYY (The Student Union of the University of Oulu) project managed by the student union of the University of Oulu and funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture. It is intended to improve hobby activities for the physical, mental, social and emotional wellbeing of students in Finnish higher education. This programme helps me do many things I love, like making friends, visiting places, cooking, playing table tennis, taking scenic walks, supporting my peers, etc., and sharing these hobbies with them.


I think more people should know what Oulu and Finland have to offer, as this is an undiscovered destination of interest. It’s not just the responsibilities but fun events like the Maailma soi (a fun multinational event), culture-themed festivals like Japani-päivä (Japan day), Värikäs ravintola (colourful restaurant), hobby activities, etc. I also have a newfound love for blogging and sharing my experiences and suggestions with readers. I even got to meet a popular singer (Aurora) at one event.

The Finnish language is a bit tricky, but the university offers free language courses to students. Most people understand and speak English well, so it’s not a problem when you’re travelling or settling in.

What started off with “Hei” and “Moi moi” to the friendly bus drivers who wave back to you before and after each ride, in the one year that I have spent here in Finland, my vocabulary has certainly been improving. What with much help from my dear friends, and thanks to little exchanges with the locals, albeit with my broken grammar, I was able to get through a fully Finnish language-held interview for a summer internship. I see that as progress in the right direction!

One thing I have noticed about myself is that I am much more outgoing now than before. In Finland, there are many beautiful forests and lakes where I get to enjoy the beauty of nature – a nature that’s constantly transforming and becoming more mesmerising with every season! Every time I step out, I feel recharged with energy. I’ve noticed my perspective on challenges changing from the usual stressing out to downright excitement!

In a way, this feels like my fresh start – to be more in control of my life, career and wellbeing. As for my career, things have been going according to plan so far. I feel positive about my possibilities here, and Finland makes me happy about both my present and my future.

If you’re looking to apply for studies in Oulu, Finland, visit the Studyinfo website.

This article was originally published at oulutalenthub.fi

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