The incredible journey of Chiara Bosetti

Oulu Talent Hub Ambassador Chiara Bosetti, originally from Italy, came to Oulu one year ago. “I had great expectations, and I certainly got what I was looking for”, she says.


My name is Chiara Bosetti, I’m 27 years old, and I am an Oulu Talent Hub Ambassador.

One year ago, I came to Oulu from Italy to begin this incredible journey. I had great expectations, and I certainly got what I was looking for. In fact, I’m currently working as a doctoral researcher at the University of Oulu in its Protein and Structural Biology Research Unit.


Back in February 2021, I was about to graduate with my Master’s degree in Molecular and Medical Biotechnology. I was in beautiful Verona, the Italian city of lovers, and deep inside me was a feeling that I needed something new.

I wanted to start a career as a researcher abroad, living in a country that I had never even visited, one where I would experience everything from scratch. This was when I realized that I could find this type of freedom in wonderful Finland – a country where the nature is pristine and wild, where you can live comfortably and where the most cutting-edge research is done. Who could ask for more?

Chiara Bosetti, woman by lake


The next step was to choose my new city. Having lived in Kyoto, Japan, I’ve already experienced living in a big city. And as much as I loved living there, this time I wanted to be in a less bustling place. I was eager to settle in a peaceful town, but one which also had a truly cosmopolitan feel. A quite demanding request, you would think, but I wasn’t disappointed when I found out about Oulu.

First of all, Oulu is a fascinating place which offers the urban comforts of a modern city while at the same time giving you a taste of Arctic nature.

Second, the University of Oulu is a top-ranked, innovative international university where people’s well-being is of utmost importance. I also simply love working there because it’s the place where I’ve met wonderful people who inspire me every day.

Chiara Bosetti


I would have to say that Oulu is not only nature and working opportunities. What makes Oulu really unique is its people. The environment is dynamic and international, and the people are friendly, open and sincere.

I disagree with the typical stereotypes that depict Finns as anti-social and closed people, something that I believe may have risen from the fact that they value privacy, quiet and personal space. From my experience, conversations here are franker and more genuine.

Here you can truly be yourself. In Oulu, I can pursue the same hobbies I was used to in my home country. For example, I enjoy acrylic pouring painting, board games, video games and hiking. On top of all that, I recently started polymer clay sculpting.

Chiara Bosetti, woman by frozen lake


When I first moved to Oulu, what was beneficial for me was to keep myself constantly out of my comfort zone.

My advice? Talk to new people every day, engage yourself in new activities and never settle down. In this way, you can experience the wide range of experiences this city has to offer, and you will be surprised at what you can achieve!

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