Arriving in Oulu

Finnair Airbus A320 passenger plane is landing on an airport in the evening. The airport lights in the background are blurred.

If you thought Oulu is far from everywhere, it is time to update the false impression! It is easy to get here and moving from place to place in Oulu is pleasant and comfortable. Pick up the following tips for arriving in Oulu and getting around smoothly.

Oulu Airport is the second busiest in Finland, with numerous flights landing every day. Keep track of them through the Finavia webpage (opens in a new tab) – airlines such as Finnair and Norwegian fly to Oulu from several locations. The trip from the airport to the city centre only takes about 20 minutes by car, and buses, taxis, rented cars, or your own car will get you there with little effort. Local transport buses go to the airport at 30-minute intervals during the day.

If you arrive by train, you can get to Oulu from anywhere in Finland: See the timetables and routes on the VR website (opens in a new tab). Taking the train is a carefree and green method of travelling to Oulu. The railway station is in the very heart of the city, and you will reach the busiest centre in a few minutes on foot. Right next to the railway station is the bus depot for all the long-distance buses departing to destinations around the country.

Drivers within Finland can get to Oulu via National Roads 4, 20, and 22. These and other roads from Oulu lead to regional destinations with enticing landscapes and activities – beware of becoming addicted!

Getting around in Oulu on public transport or riding a bike

The city centre is situated about 15 kilometres from Oulu Airport and 800 metres from the railway station. It is the hub of public transport, cycling highways, and other roads around Oulu and beyond.

In the city centre and near the stations you will find local transport bus stops where you can catch a bus wherever in Oulu you want to go. Go to the Oulu Public Transport Authority pages for necessary information and timetables. You will find specific information about tickets on this page (opens in a new tab). For paying your fare on the bus, you can use a card with contactless payments or the Waltti mobile app, for example.

The people of Oulu ride their bikes everywhere – check out our Cycling page for more! You can also rent an electric scooter for getting from place to place, and the city centre is very compact, so just walking around is a lovely alternative: at the same time, you can see the beautiful scenery at Hupisaaret Islands or the unique Oulu River estuary with its islands, from the city centre through Hietasaari Island all the way to Nallikari Beach.

Reach your destination comfortably in Oulu

Are you heading to Linnanmaa Campus or the Technology Village?

Linnanmaa is about six kilometres from Oulu city centre. The Public Transport Authority buses will take you near the main entrances of the University of Oulu or Oulu University of Applied Sciences, or into the heart of the Technology Village. There are also plenty of parking spots in the Linnanmaa Campus, although some of them have limited parking hours and some are chargeable. You can easily cycle here from anywhere in town. The main cycling route in Oulu is the ”Linnanmaan baana” cycling highway starting from the Market Square. It will lead you swiftly to the campus with plenty of parking opportunities for bikes.

A bus is driving on a birch-lined road toward the camera on a late summer’s evening.

Need to get to the Kontinkangas Campuses or Oulu University Hospital?

Kontinkangas is about three kilometres away from Oulu city centre. It is a handy distance to walk or ride a bike like the locals do. Public Transport Authority bus routes will take you there easily, with many lines stopping on Kajaanintie and next to the hospital. City Bus line B will also transport you there from the centre. Arriving with your own car is handy, too – there are plenty of parking spots and three parking garages around Oulu University Hospital.

A woman with her lips painted red is standing with a bicycle behind a bicycle basket, wearing a helmet.

Enjoy the Nallikari Beach

People on a paved road next to a beach on a summery day. Two are riding bikes toward the camera, while two are walking away from it. There are people playing in the background.

The Nallikari Holiday Village is the gem of Hietasaari Island four kilometres from the city centre. You will get to the sands of the Riviera of the North most easily by bike through islands and the estuary, along a route that is certainly one of the most beautiful in Oulu! You can get to Nallikari also by catching a bus on the public transport line number 15, or the adorable city trains Potnapekka and Kompiainen in the summertime! Drivers can get to Nallikari from the city centre by following clearly marked signs – you can also check the driving instructions on the Nallikari website (opens in a new tab).