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Oulu offers you a tech­no­lo­gical edge and an inter­na­tio­nal ope­ra­ting envi­ron­ment at the heart of the poten­tial and purc­ha­sing power of the North.

Oulu is the fas­test growing urban region in Arc­tic Euro­pe. Almost 3 bil­lion people dai­ly use wire­less tech­no­lo­gy deve­lo­ped in Oulu for more than 50 years – tech­no­lo­gy still being deve­lo­ped here by top experts eve­ry day, eve­ry year.

Tech­no­lo­gy city and vibrant inno­va­tion hub

Oulu seen in the evening dusk underneath the wing of an airplane, from high the air. Streetlights are glowing in the colour of yellow.

Establish­ment and invest­ments

Are you loo­king for oppor­tu­ni­ties for durable invest­ments and industries of the futu­re?

Eco­sys­tems and clus­ters

Part­ners always make inno­va­tion easier, and going inter­na­tio­nal beco­mes more fea­sible toget­her than wor­king by your­self. A func­tio­nal network also att­racts new com­pa­nies to join. You are welco­me to deve­lop your busi­ness with us!

Mies osoittaa kuvan vasemmassa reunassa näkyvää kosketusnäyttöä. Hänellä on päällään sininen kauluspaita ja kaulassa punainen avainnauha, jossa lukee BusinessAsema. Taustalla näkyy käytä, jonka varrella on ovia.
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Inno­va­tions and their deve­lop­ment in Oulu are based on col­la­bo­ra­tion between a varie­ty of sta­ke­hol­ders. Here you can refi­ne your ideas into finis­hed pro­ducts in an easy and agi­le man­ner with an exten­si­ve coo­pe­ra­tion network!


Oulu is an inter­na­tio­nal­ly com­pe­ti­ti­ve city region for ver­sa­ti­le busi­ness ope­ra­tions. We can pro­vi­de the sup­port and high-class exper­ti­se to ele­va­te your enterpri­se to a who­le new level.


In Oulu, you get to inno­va­te, be ins­pi­red, and deve­lop in an envi­ron­ment of world-class oppor­tu­ni­ties. This is your shortcut to events that will help you unleash your poten­tial.