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Oulu offers you pioneership in technology along with an international operating environment at the heart of northern potential and purchasing power.

Oulu is the most rapidly growing urban region in Arctic Europe. Every day, close to 3 billion people are using wireless technology that has been evolving in Oulu for 50 years. This technology is still being developed right here by new generations of world-class talent, year after year and day after day. Expertise in ICT, world-class education, and unique co-creation serve as fuel for innovation and business in the region on a wide spectrum.

Technology city and a vibrant hub for innovations

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Are you looking for opportunities for sustainable investments and industries of the future?

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In Oulu, innovations and their development is based on co-creation and collaboration between different operatives. It is only natural for the city, companies, research institutes, schools, and other public sector bodies to be involved in a joint network called Oulu Innovation Alliance.

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For companies

Oulu is the most significant hub of business, education, and culture in Arctic Europe. The city is known particularly for innovations in information technology. We offer world-class education and training as well as technological expertise that will elevate the know-how of your company to a new level.