The evening sun is shining on a group of people sitting on benches. They are all looking in the same direction, and a blonde woman wearing sunglasses in the foreground is smiling.

Get the groo­ve on for par­ty mood – the enter­tain­ment sce­ne in Oulu has a hig­her gra­de of special­ty. Break a sweat in the sports field or on the dancefloor. The­re is plen­ty to see and do 365 days a year, from second-hand sto­res to music shows and good drinks to enjo­ying a delicious meal.

Karao­ke, gigs, bow­ling, first-class sports, a plen­ti­ful pic­nic with bud­dies – Oulu offers the playground for fun-pac­ked moments by your­self or with friends. And since we have the natu­re pre­sent even in the city cent­re, the set­ting for events and acti­vi­ties is pic­tu­resque.

More infor­ma­tion about lei­su­re oppor­tu­ni­ties in Oulu

Alt­hough the­re are a lot of high-qua­li­ty res­tau­rants in the urban city cent­re, the estua­ry and sho­res in Oulu offer won­der­ful loca­tions for having fun, too. The love­ly gra­na­ries of the Mar­ket Squa­re and clo­se-by buil­dings exempli­fying the arc­hi­tec­tu­re of various periods cons­ti­tu­te an enter­tain­ment hub that will not lea­ve you hungry or thirs­ty. If you cross the brid­ge to the char­ming Piki­saa­ri Island, you will find even more res­tau­rants and bars.

Wine­bar Kur­ke­la – have a glass of wine in Piki­saa­ri (opens in a new tab)

Uleå­borg 1881 – gastro­no­my from Fin­land and bey­ond (opens in a new tab)

His­to­ric Oulu Mar­ket Hall – food and shop­ping (opens in a new tab)

Res­tau­rant Nal­li­ka­ri – for the best sea view (opens in a new tab)

Res­tau­rant Hugo – an edgy, relaxed wine bar and res­tau­rant (opens in a new tab)

Enjoy the city cent­re

The Oulu city cent­re is home to many kinds of acti­vi­ties. The res­tau­rants, bars, and cafés cater for the tas­tes of all grown-ups. The pede­strian street Rotu­aa­ri houses all kinds of events throug­hout the year. The cent­re also has legen­da­ry music venues as well as loca­tions for other inte­res­ting acts – such as theat­re or stand-up come­dy shows.

Oulu Theat­re – see the pro­gram­me here (opens in a new tab)

Val­kea Shop­ping Cent­re – shop­ping and events in the indoor street (opens in a new tab)

Rio­Li­ve – bril­liant shows eve­ry week (opens in a new tab)

45 Special – the oldest rock club in nort­hern Fin­land (opens in a new tab)

Ostro­fe­ria – local food cul­tu­re (opens in a new tab)

Puis­to­la – an oasis for gour­mands from mor­ning till eve­ning (opens in a new tab)

Les­ki­nen – a public house in the heart of the city (opens in a new tab)

Jumpru – legen­da­ry pub, res­tau­rant and night club (opens in a new tab)

Break a sweat at the hoc­key are­na or a rock show

A long-haired, tattooed man has his arm on his forehead on a stage. The photo is slightly tilted, the background is purple and there is a microphone at the edge of the picture.

Very near the city cent­re, the­re are other fan­tas­tic venues for big­ger shows and sports events. Rak­si­la and Limin­gan­tul­li will satis­fy even the deman­ding concert visi­tor or sports fan.

Tul­li­sa­li is the home of events – see the pro­gram­me (opens in a new tab)

Teat­ria offers events from music shows to second-hand mar­kets – read more (opens in a new tab).

Catch all the games of Oulun Kär­pät hoc­key team at Oulun Ener­gia Aree­na

Play ball sports at Nal­lis­port – read more (opens in a new tab)

Impres­si­ve cul­tu­ral expe­rience at Oulu Music Cent­re – see the coming events (opens in a new tab)

Best places in the parks

People sitting on a lawn. A person wearing sunglasses is juggling, and there is a bicycle in the background.

Per­haps the most won­der­ful thing about Oulu is that parks extend all the way to the city cent­re – with excel­lent venues for various events around them! Gigs, art exhi­bi­tions, brunc­hes, res­tau­rant ter­races… Disco­ver the best acti­vi­ties for all sea­sons in the­se lush sur­roun­dings! And in case you feel like arran­ging your own acti­vi­ties in the sum­mer­ti­me, the Hupi­saa­ret Islands pro­vi­de the best greens­pace in the north from sports to pic­nics!

Check out the Ravin­to­la­kort­te­li hub of res­tau­rants com­bi­ning food, drink, and events (opens in a new tab).

Visit the City of Oulu Sport Ser­vices web­si­te for various fit­ness acti­vi­ties (opens in a new tab).

The theat­re at Hupi­saa­ret Islands offers a varie­ty of enjo­y­able expe­riences in an idyl­lic set­ting (opens in a new tab).

Museum and Science Cent­re Luup­pi showca­ses arts and science (opens in a new tab).