“What I love about the people here is that they are great listeners”

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Kamal Singh came to Oulu in 2010 for his studies from India. At the University of Oulu, he studied to be a wireless communication engineer. Currently, Kamal is working as a Network Coordinator, and also managing a project for Startup Refugees.


Hi, I am Kamal Singh. I came to Oulu in 2010 for my studies from India. At the University of Oulu, I studied to be a wireless communication engineer. I studied electronic and communications engineering in India and worked for a few IT MNCs until I got the chance to study in Finland. Living for over a decade now, I love this serene and beautiful city.


I chose Finland because it was a ‘known’ place for me, as my aunt and cousins live in Helsinki and my sister lived here for a few years as well. I came to know about the master’s program in wireless communication and I knew that Oulu is one of the pioneers in telecommunications. When I applied, I got selected. Back in 2010, there were no tuition fees, so I got a full scholarship.

Why Oulu? Oulu to me is a great place to be, for a perfect work-leisure balance. The city is quite relaxed, and people are quite humble. Oulu was the first city I came to in Finland. I remember it was in August 2010.

The university was empty because the new students only start coming in September. I had mixed feelings because I was all alone, but at the same time, nature made me comfortable. Being my first country out of India, Finland is always special to me.


The best thing in Oulu is the nature and the dedicated paths for biking. I love those marked paths for bikes because I enjoy biking. The serene, balanced life here is great compared to the fast-paced big cities like Helsinki. Biking, hiking, Nordic walking, and camping are just a few options.

For students, to get a feel of the city, get yourself a bike. My advice to anyone coming here from abroad would be to invest in a good pair of shoes and good winter clothes. As they say, ‘there is no such thing as bad weather, but bad clothing!’ Students also have an option to play indoor games, which are quite affordable.

What I love about the people here is that they are great listeners. They are kind and once they know you, they would be your superpower. They will support you in the best possible way. People appreciate it if you learn their language, or even when you try to speak it, they will not laugh at all. They appreciate the initiation and the effort.


Currently, I am working as a Network Coordinator, and also managing a project for Startup Refugees. I started working for them in 2021. I collaborate with companies in Northern Ostrobothnia and try to bring employment opportunities for jobseekers.

Till now I have helped 76 jobseekers employed and collaborated with more than 30 companies, and 5 schools in Oulu. It is a rewarding job. In comparison to where I come from, the work culture here is very different. Working in the Finnish environment is a great experience for me. They have routines that are followed.

My future plan? One day, I would like to be in politics. I really want to change immigration policies in Finland. Many immigrants in Finland, don’t think of entering politics. One of the reasons is the language barrier, which is creating a gap between immigrants and natives. I would like to see immigrants, entering politics so that they can make a change.

This article was originally published at oulutalenthub.fi
Text: Shefat Islam

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