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Are you loo­king for work? Does the ver­sa­ti­le metal industry inte­rest you? Plen­ty of jobs can be found in Oulu and near­by region for metal industry pro­fes­sio­nals, both for tho­se new to the field and for tho­se retur­ning to it.

An abun­dant num­ber of trai­ning posi­tions are also avai­lable. Metal industry trai­ning is an excel­lent rou­te to deve­lo­ping know-how, and it enables an occu­pa­tion offe­ring many dif­fe­rent kinds of job desc­rip­tions.

The field is loo­king for more skil­led pro­fes­sio­nals. Why not be among them!


Do you want to stu­dy in a field that pro­vi­des secu­re emplo­y­ment? Per­haps as a mac­hi­nist or sheet metal wel­der? Look into the stu­dy oppor­tu­ni­ties here.

Career sto­ries

Have a look at how pro­fes­sio­nals and stu­dents in the industry feel. How and why did they end up in the field? Among others, Sini-Sofia and Joseph have their own tales to tell.

Sini-Sofia was surpri­sed to disco­ver the pro­fes­sion of her dreams: ”I fell in love with wel­ding”

You can find your dream job unex­pec­ted­ly. That’s how it hap­pe­ned for Sini-Sofia Trast, who is now unable to even ima­gi­ne a more agree­able occu­pa­tion for her­self. “I love my work as a wel­der.”

Joseph Laku lan­ded his first job in Oulu through the gra­pe­vi­ne – “My boss had to draw his instruc­tions for me, because we had no com­mon lan­gua­ge“

Joseph Laku from South Sudan has been hap­py wor­king for the same emplo­yer for 15 years.

Get acquain­ted with emplo­yers

Job oppor­tu­ni­ties in the metal industry can be found for many. Have a look at the com­pa­nies in the field as well as the job vacancies.


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