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Are you looking for work? Does the versatile metal industry interest you? Plenty of jobs can be found in Oulu and nearby region for metal industry professionals, both for those new to the field and for those returning to it.

An abundant number of training positions are also available. Metal industry training is an excellent route to developing know-how, and it enables an occupation offering many different kinds of job descriptions.

The field is looking for more skilled professionals. Why not be among them!


Do you want to study in a field that provides secure employment? Perhaps as a machinist or sheet metal welder? Look into the study opportunities here.

Career stories

Have a look at how professionals and students in the industry feel. How and why did they end up in the field? Among others, Sini-Sofia and Joseph have their own tales to tell.

Sini-Sofia was surprised to discover the profession of her dreams: ”I fell in love with welding”

You can find your dream job unexpectedly. That’s how it happened for Sini-Sofia Trast, who is now unable to even imagine a more agreeable occupation for herself. “I love my work as a welder.”

Joseph Laku landed his first job in Oulu through the grapevine – “My boss had to draw his instructions for me, because we had no common language“

Joseph Laku from South Sudan has been happy working for the same employer for 15 years.

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Job opportunities in the metal industry can be found for many. Have a look at the companies in the field as well as the job vacancies.


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