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The ICTOulu Download hub is the storage and sharing point for various resources utilised in delivering general information, event specific contents, certain relevant technological domain substance files and so on. You are free to download the materials listed below and utilise it with copyrights acknowledged.

We will also soon be adding material for media use, such as logos.


ICTOulu General Pitchdeck

This open-access PowerPoint presentation (19 MB) provides an in-depth look at the core ecosystem of ICT companies in Oulu, showcasing their innovations and the positive impact they have on society. The presentation covers key players, technological advancements, and the socioeconomic benefits brought by these companies. It is designed to be informative and adaptable, so feel free to modify it to suit your needs. We value your feedback and comments, as they help us improve and tailor our content to better serve our audience.

Materials from past events

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