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ICTOulu is able to collaborate with lots of different organisations from a wide variety of backgrounds. Whether it’s presenting new business opportunities for our member companies, promoting awareness of high-calibre research projects of benefit to the sector, or supporting firms in looking for new individuals to join the talent pool, the knowledge and expertise that they bring is invaluable.

Take a look at who we work with and find out how they are helping us to enhance the ICT cluster in the region. Please note that this page is regularly updated.

Internal Partners in Oulu & Finland

Invest in Finland’s mission is to help your business to expand, grow and prosper in Finland. We provide industry insights, tailored recommendations and practical support to meet your needs when planning, establishing or expanding your operations in Finland. From opportunity analysis to information on different kind of investments, mergers and acquisitions, research partnerships and access to Finland’s lively innovation ecosystems, we have the expertise and contacts to support your business all the way. Invest in Finland’s industry experts help you with getting to know the Finnish industry clusters, companies, research institutes and universities. Our professional services are confidential and complimentary.

MetaCity Oulu and Testbeds

Innovation environments are meeting places for ideas, teams and companies, and places where new solutions and businesses can be developed and tested. They use methods of co-development and provide innovation services. Oulu will be a MetaCity testbed in the future.

Oulu Automotive Cluster is an open ecosystem with 120 companies and 33 research, education and development organisations. We share automotive industry knowledge and insights from automotive brands to cluster members. We help cluster members find customers and cooperation partners through 1-on-1 introductions, pitching sessions, matchmaking events, delegations trips, and trade shows.

We also help automotive brands, and their suppliers, discover new innovations to accelerate their development processes. We match researchers with companies and other researchers to accelerate research, development, and innovation activities within the cluster. We also match RDI initiatives from our international cooperation partners.

OuluHealth is a globally-recognised health and well-being ecosystem. It brings together for close cooperation social and healthcare providers, researchers, academia and health companies to create new business opportunities, support the health-tech business and deliver more advanced, personalised and connected health services for the benefit of the citizens.

OuluHealth oversees many national and international initiatives. One of the most significant projects is the Future Hospital OYS 2030, which will result in Oulu hosting one of the smartest hospitals in the world. OYS will utilise cutting-edge technologies and pave the way for a new era in healthcare.

PrintoCent ensures companies get easy access to new business development and pilot manufacturing resources for the introduction of printed intelligence components, systems and products, from pilot production to early market trials. Application focus areas range from rapid disposable diagnostics, smart flexible lighting and wearables to Internet-of-Things with sensors and energy harvesting.

PrintoCent has wide global reach with its international member companies and partners. In Oulu region more than 300 experts are available in research and in industry. The funding to start-up companies has exceeded 40 M€ and the turnover of companies in the field is over 25 M€. VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, University of Oulu, Oulu University of Applied Sciences, and Business Oulu are the founding members of PrintoCent. The way of working in PrintoCent is based on regular Cluster Meetings and project based operations. The overall programme is coordinated by VTT.

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Market Specific

HAiLife – Human sciences data as a foundation for a new business

HAiLife aims to support the competence of ICT companies to make extensive use of human data as part of their current and new business. We organize expert seminars for companies related to the data economy and artificial intelligence, where the possibilities of using humanities data in business are discussed in particular.

KoKiVa – Youths’ educational interest and choices: reducing field-specific gender segregation with work life visits

KoKiVa develops an online platform as a means of communication, pedagogical approaches, and training materials for local and remote visits from upper secondary schools to companies in Oulu region. Our goal is to encourage young people to choose their educational and occupational paths based on their personal strengths and interests, and to find ways to alleviate the guiding influence of gender.

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R&D/Education Partners

OSAO is a leading educational community of vocational experts in Finland. OSAO offers a wide range of vocational upper secondary qualifications in the field of ICT from software development to wellbeing technology.

6G Flagship is the world’s first 6G research program and a part of the Finnish government’s national research spearhead programme from 2018 to 2026. 6G Flagship’s mission is to envision and define the 6G-enabled digital world as we move towards the 2030s. United Nations Sustainable Development Goals guide their work where the physical and virtual worlds meet, and wireless connectivity expands to all areas of life.

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Recruitment Providers

Notarec – a modern people operations partner: recruitment, HR & coaching. From strategic planning to hands on operations. A preferred partner for companies whose core business is their people. We are specialised in highly sought after talent profiles within IT/tech industry and have helped hundreds of tech companies to grow. Established in 2018, we are a local agency with global networks. Experts in talent acquisition, headhunting, recruitment strategies, employer branding, HR management and development, company culture, talent management, employee experience design, leadership training and coaching. Our passion and our mission is to build happy and flourishing workplaces. One by one.

Saranen Consulting is an expert in growth-producing working life, helping companies to grow and develop their digital competences. Saranen Consulting is also very experienced in recruitment training programmes, as well as upskilling and reskilling services. The office in Oulu was the first office opened outside the capital region about ten years ago.

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