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DeepTech Leads Oulu – Technological Focus Areas: Edge AI

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While this episode is actually part of our DeepTech Leads Oulu podcast, it’s a bit different. No interview this time, but something equally exciting!

Once in a while, we want to highlight certain key technologies that are central in Oulu. Here at ICTOulu we are quite proud of these technologies, and we share them with the world through our website, the very same one you’re now visiting. You can find a catalogue of our companies here, a compilation of tech news, and information about stakeholders and the city of Oulu from an ICT perspective.

There is a lot of technological advancement and R&D happening in Oulu, and one of the focus areas is edge AI. The use of edge AI provides us with amazing possibilities that until recently weren’t even possible, and it can now be implemented on even the tiniest devices, with no more than 250kB of RAM. And this is just the start! Want to know more? Listen to our special episode brought to you by Jussi Leponiemi:

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