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DeepTech Leads Oulu – our new podcast series

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ICTOulu is very excited to present a new podcast series: DeepTech Leads Oulu. This new venture will see us conducting short interviews with some of the brightest technological minds that are operating within our ICT sector.

We can promise two things from the outset. Firstly, these podcasts will be around 10-15 minutes in length, so this will be a perfect accompaniment to your daily commute or your coffee break. Secondly, these discussions will be packed with fascinating insights and knowledge, showcasing the latest cutting-edge and pioneering advanced technological products and solutions that our cluster is currently working on. Whether it’s embedded systems, connectivity, microelectronics, wireless or AI/ML that you are interested in hearing about, we think there will be something for everyone across the series.

Listen to our trailer below, in which Jussi Leponiemi, BusinessOulu’s Key Account director of ICT sector, explains a little more about what to expect:

We will post episodes of DeepTech Leads Oulu on the ICTOulu portal. Additionally, look out for future updates on how you can listen to us on your prefered podcast app of choice. If you like what you hear, please tell your networks about us.

DeepTech Leads Oulu: the tech journey starts soon…