RadioPark concept with its cluster companies is not only for the radio connectivity, but also what you can use the radios for. Whether you have a radio device, type approval need, IoT network element, security solution, health or learning application, it’s worth of checking with us how we can support your business.

For everything connected

The world around us is getting more and more connected. Radios are used to help our living in many different contexts. Building the devices and creating the solutions in this system requires a huge amount of knowledge and testing capabilities. The RadioPark is a cluster of companies and world class research teams working in radio connectivity related businesses. With its wide know-how and equipment base the cluster is providing excellent set up for different development, integration, testing, type approval and solution verification needs. RadioPark is For Everything Connected.

RadioPark in a nutshell

  • Complete solution for your device and service development.
  • Leading edge connectivity available through versatile partner ecosystem.​
  • World class reseach (6G Flagship) at your reach.​
  • Laboratory capacity per your needs. ​
  • Productized service packages associated with professional support.​
  • Planned to support industry verticals.

Join the RadioPark tribe!

Oulu and its ICT ecosystem offers excellent opportunities for companies that leverage radio connectivity in any form.

Our region boasts a wide range of companies with diverse skill sets, world-class research and education institutions, and most importantly, highly skilled individuals with the right attitude. We are well-positioned to face the coming years and the technological changes ahead.

The future generations of 5G and 6G will bring significant changes to the connectivity business. Radio connectivity will expand into new areas, with more radios in various applications, higher frequencies, and new integration challenges. New frequencies require expensive testers, while applications in new areas mean increasing complexity, and customers expect tested total solutions.

RadioPark is our joint initiative through which we push this technology and business activities forward. We invite your company to join our tribe and work together to find solutions to these challenges. We can achieve more together by agreeing on the best way forward. Collaborative planning and sharing of investments will make a significant difference. Partnering with other companies will lead to new business opportunities, and joint marketing efforts will increase potential business. Understanding and utilizing 6G in a timely manner ensures a peak position in the meta world.

This is an invitation to join a tribe that is planning for the future. Let’s explore how your company can contribute to our collective success.

More information

Heikki Huhmo, Project Manager
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Aimo Vainio, Coordinator

Jussi Leponiemi, Key Account Director, ICT
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Juha Ala-Mursula, Executive Director
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