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DeepTech Leads Oulu – Episode 5: Oulu Automotive Cluster

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After a pause, we are back on track with our podcast series!

Welcome to our fifth episode of DeepTech Leads Oulu! This time we invited the Manager of Oulu Automative Cluster, Business Oulu. Oulu Automotive Cluster is an open ecosystem where companies and research institutes co-develop solutions for electric cars, autonomous driving and new business models for mobility. The cluster helps companies find customers and partners in the automotive industry. It also shares information and coaches companies to operate in the value chains of the international automotive industry. It is managed by BusinessOulu, a public utility of the City of Oulu.

Did you get curious? Listen to this insightful interview with Oulu Automative Cluster to know their role and impact on the Automotive industry in Oulu!

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