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Protect Your Assets in Real-time

Transforming Security with Cutting-Edge Real-Time Video Analysis Technology

At Alvidiotech, we're steadfast in delivering real-time security solutions, empowering businesses to flourish in a safer environment. More specifically, we keep your business safe through real-time identification of abnormalities.

Our innovative real-time video analysis is your shield, ready to be your trusted partner in fortifying your valuable assets. At Alvidiotech, we're on a mission to redefine security through AI. Our state-of-the-art application is designed to deliver unparalleled precision in the identification of activities and objects within video footage. We empower businesses to fortify real-time security measures, ensuring that the safety of your operations and personnel is never compromised.

Alvidiotech's real-time video analysis service is software and hardware agnostic, meaning we use your existing cameras and platforms to deliver the analysis.

Trusted Partnerships: Currently, we proudly serve clients in the banking sector in Central Europe, a testament to the reliability and effectiveness of our solutions.

Beyond Banking: While our journey began in the banking sector, our capabilities extend far beyond ATM machine security. Our versatile application finds applications in various sectors, from optimizing logistics and traffic management systems to enhancing security in 24/7 self-service recycling services.

Under development is a real-time crowd counting service based on video footage.


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