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CSC – IT Center for Science

ICT Solutions for Brilliant Minds

CSC is a non-profit state enterprise with special tasks. As part of the national research system, we develop, integrate and provide high-quality information technology services and ensure that Finland remains at the forefront of development.

CSC has an important role as an instrument for steering and developing the Ministry of Education and Culture's education, science and cultural policy. We are owned by the Finnish state (70% shareholding) and higher education institutions (30% shareholding).

Our owners determine the purpose of the enterprise and a majority of our services are aimed at meeting our owners' needs. Our primary customers are the Ministry of Education and Culture and organisations in the field, higher education institutions (universities and universities of applied sciences), research institutes and public administration.

Our owners are able to purchase our services without bidding and we provide services to our owners for no profit. The company's success is measured in terms of how much value it generates for the owners.

LUMI high performance computing services offer companies a competitive advantage

Companies can make extensive use of high-performance computing (HPC) as part of product development and innovation activities. Up to 20% of the LUMI supercomputer’s capacity has been reserved for companies, which represents a major national investment. In addition, it is possible to obtain expert support from CSC, collaborate with universities and research institutes, and apply for funding for R&D projects.

We are hiring

CSC currently employs over 600 experts and we are constantly on the lookout for new talent. We hire IT professionals, such as application, system and software experts as well as coders. We also offer employment opportunities for HR, financial and communications experts and coordinators. Every year, particularly during the summer, many students do their practical training with us.

Even though all our open positions are listed to Espoo or Kajaani office, you can verify is you can work in multi-local/hybrid model from Oulu. We have flexible options for remote working.

If you would like to hear more about CSC as an employer or if you are interested in our career opportunities, contact us at
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