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Dynamik Oy

Crafting modern automated solutions powered by artificial intelligence is our passion

Dynamik helps companies thrive by creating AI motors and tailor-made algorithm solutions for improved efficiency in industrial applications. We have a growing portfolio of SAAS-products and we offer AI consulting. Crafting modern automated solutions powered by artificial intelligence is our passion.

We build algorithms to support your goals by creating one solution at a time and tailor-make an approach in line with your strategy. Our cost-efficient projects are agile, and we have a selected group of algorithms ready for quick implementation:

Packing planner and volume optimisation, Route optimisation, Personnel & resource optimisation, Composition and material planning, Time series analysis, market analysis & trend detection, Image recognition & Speech recognition.

Dynamik Gateway is a universal platform, which can be used to implement any data transfer needs between two systems.It can connect to numerous sources and read data in all data formats, with pluggable extensions. Data fields and values can be transformed into schema, which is understood by the destination system. Finally the data is converted into a format that the destination system accepts.

We are hiring

Sales Manager

Job requirements:
- Able to work full-time
- Based in Espoo or Oulu, Finland
- Ability to work fluently in English on a daily basis
- Masters or Bachelors degree in a suitable field
- Demonstrated sales experience with references
- Experience with software development, AI and similar fields is highly valued

What we love:
- An entrepreneurial mindset
- International experience
- A fearless hands-on attitude and good interpersonal skills

Main responsibilities:
- Creating a sales process
- Choosing and implementing sales tools
- Key account creation and management
- Creation of new sales leads
- Market research, business development and occasional marketing tasks

Kindly send your application to tuomas.mikkonen(at) Please act fast, as the spot will be filled once the ideal candidate is found.
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