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Eeku Oy

Passion for programming

Eeku Inc. is skilled and experienced programming company from Oulu, Finland. We are specialized on web services, but in practice we code everything possible and sometime even impossible.

We also provide awesome trainings for agile development and leadership.

We are specialized on web service development, where simple web pages are not enough. We have skills to design and implement even the most complex features, with quality. Our favorite web framework is Python Django, which is widely known modern and versatile tool for any kind of web services.

We also have wide knowledge of multiple technologies from some really old programming languages to the latest top notch technologies. From RTOS and HW driver skills to UI/UX design.

Our training offering is focused on agile methodologies, where we typically start from Scrum and go beyond, all the way to deeper understanding of agility. We can provide trainings from basic knowledge to the most advanced needs - from development teams to leadership. From common processes to advanced product estimation thinking.


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    Eeku Oy
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    Saku Huttunen
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