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Elcoflex Oy

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Flexible electro-mechanical components and traditional electronic modules

Elcoflex is a European pioneer in Roll-to-Roll production, having strong cumulative experience in manufacturing electronic components on a mass production scale. On copper- based antennas, Elcoflex is world leading manufacturer in capacity point of view.

Our know-how has been developed in various consumer and industrial projects dating back to the early 90s, including but not limited to membrane switches with SMD components, In-Mould Decorated parts for mobile phones, RFID and mobile phone antennas, printed sensors and industrial display units.

Elcoflex manufactures copper based flexible circuits on roll to roll format for several different market segments. Main products are antennas, smart labels, flexible circuits, LED substrates and printed sensors. We also provide Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) through our factory in China to global customers.

Our latest development efforts are targeted to mass produced IoT devices such as Smart Labels, Printed Batteries and Supercapacitors.


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    Elcoflex Oy
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    Timo Peltoniemi
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