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Finpeda Oy

Finpeda Virtual Space - Immersive Learning Experience

Finpeda brings virtual 3D social collaboration and interaction platform for education, business and exhibitions.

Finpeda Virtual Space (FVS) takes training and business meetings to metaverse in minutes with use of avatars, 3D assets and real-time content sharing.

Own 3D spaces are created from templates which are easy to personalize from wide set of library items. With ready to use 3D elements, video and picture screens its simple to drag and drop content to the space.

While accessing virtual space user is represented by customisable, persistent avatar and communicates real-time with anyone in the same space. All material shared and modified in the session is saved and secured.

FVS metaverse solutions:

FVS metaverse facilitates 21st century learning among both young students, as well as adult learners. The features of FVS support particularly K-12 learning, vocational training and research-based university studies. Combining virtual technologies and pedagogy models FVS brings future of hybrid learning environments.

FVS metaverse is ready solution for company to create training setups and virtual access to any remote worker or visitor. Ways to utilize metaverse expands easy way to virtual meetings, product displays and active sales collaboration. In practise trational 2D web approach is transformed to 3D virtual environment and active collaboration.

FVS metaverse takes products and spaces online with the digital twin approach making virtual environment to look like a physical one. The virtual showrooms and exhibitions through FVS enable the visitors to get immersive experience and in-depth views. Having online digital twin expands users access to 24/7.

FVS – Finpeda Virtual Space use cases:

Virtual 3D social collaboration and interaction platform for education, business and exhibitions. Create your own virtual project space, classroom or meeting room and learn together as avatars!

FVS is metaverse approach and allows you to scale and decorate the space according to your specific needs. Meet and collaborate remotely, but virtually ”face-to-face” as avatars using chat, voice, video, web pages, slides etc.

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