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FLEETBook digitizes your fleet in a cost-effective way

The new FLEETBook system was born out of the need for companies to better, more reliably and cost-effectively manage their fleet.

Fleet maintenance costs often account for 10-20% of the company's turnover. This significant cost item has not always been carefully managed; spending has often been treated as a larger mass. In the current world of high productivity and good access management, this should no longer be met. In addition, all obligations of the equipment must be remembered to be handled in a timely manner.

This system, which is easy to implement for everyone, has been created especially in view of the needs of the operating company. The system focuses on fleet maintenance, cost management, improved operational reliability and support for decision making. FLEETBook connects fleet management and communication, and links them to the economy. System is industry and brand independent and can therefore be used in a variety of industries from machinery to automobiles and industrial production machine management.

FLEETBook is initially designed in collaboration with companies so that the driving factors have been the needs of the operating company and the ease of use of the system. When a company operates its own fleet in the system, the system works in the interest of the company, taking into account the specifics of the fleet.