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Fuusor Oy

Agile services for BI needs of all sizes

Fuusor Oy is a fast-growing company developing BI software and services to support knowledge based management and business planning. Leverage data easily and efficiently in decision making, planning, and forecasting.

Fuusor staff have very strong expertise in demanding B2B software production, data solutions, and fully automated integrations with APIs and databases of different systems.

We offer a full BI service entity, which includes needs assesment and consulting, integrations to your systems, ready-to-use Fuusor BI and Fuusor Budgeting cloud services, implementation with a turnkey principle, user training, and excellent customer and support service.

Data can be flexibly retrieved from APIs, databases, files (e.g. Excel), and user interfaces. Information is always up to date.


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    Fuusor Oy
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    Terho Heiskanen
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