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Idesco Oy

With more than 30 years of experience, RFID technology pioneer Idesco makes RFID readers, transponders, controllers and touch screen devices for customers worldwide. Every day, our devices collect data and enhance security for a variety of access control, vehicle identification, logistics and inventory control systems around the world. We are located in Teknologiakylä, Oulu.

Security is one of our primary core competences. We provide security system suppliers and resellers with supremely flexible, robustly reliable RFID products. Our products can identify persons, items and vehicles at distances from a couple of centimeters out to a few meters. You will commonly find our products at the doors of buildings. There, you wave your card or tag at our reader near the door to identify you to the building’s system, which then unlocks the door, letting you enter. This solution also lets system owners record who has accessed the building and when.

Access control systems have grown increasingly complex to strengthen security and enhance convenience. Idesco has responded in turn with increasingly flexible, user-friendly and easily-installed products, protected with the latest encryption.

The latest access control trend is identifying via mobile phone. We responded by introducing Idesco ID. Idesco ID is both a free mobile phone app and a powerfully efficient, cost-effective credential service. Together, they greatly simplify and speed the integration of mobile access for organizations ready to provide users this convenience. Idesco ID app is intuitive and user-friendly, while Idesco ID service lets system owners send credentials to users’ phones directly from their own system.

Contact us to discover how much RFID can enhance the security and convenience of using your buildings and assets.


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