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Interjektio Oy

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At Interjektio, we believe in simple things: working code, satisfied customers, and happy employees. Our code is crafted with the highest standards and careful attention to the detail. Our specialities are Python, cloud, and blockchain development. We are especially skilled in setting up functional, secure and fast environments for our clientele. And of course the maintenance and updates are part of the deal.

We operate both locally and globally. Our customers include both startups and well established companies. We consult health tech companies and industry leaders in energy production, financing specialists and others that require high end software development with zero margin of error.

Python, cloud and blockchain based solutions that can be set up in fast, secure and efficient way!

We are hiring

Top Python programmers!

We are constantly hiring whenever we find the right people, and as such applications are always welcome!
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    Interjektio Oy
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    Antti Haapala
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    +358 50 369 3535
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