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Istekki Oy

Build a new digital tomorrow together with our customers

Istekki Oy is a Finnish, growing and evolving expert organization operating within Information and Health and Wellness Technology (ICMT). We provide information- and health and wellbeing technology services related to public, social and health, municipalities and province activities. We operate across Finland as a strong player in social and health care organizations.

Istekki is known as a reliable partner and the company has more than 65 customer owners. Istekki provides customized services and solutions to its customer owners helping to facilitate their day-to-day IT management and supporting their strategy. Headquarter is located in Kuopio and other offices are located in Tampere, in Jyväskylä and in Oulu. Our job is to build a new digital tomorrow together with our customers.

Company’s main services include:
- ICT infrastructure
- ICT services and support
- Project management office
- Health and wellness technology services
- Consulting Services


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    Istekki Oy
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    Juhani Heikka
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