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Jutel Oy

RadioMan — Future of audio

Jutel is one of the most experienced media and radio automation solution providers in the world. We are experts in radio digitalization and offer innovative solutions for radio workflow and media content management and publication in different distribution channels. We serve the world’s leading media operators in Africa, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, and North America. Our headquarters are located in Oulu, Finland.

Our main product, RadioMan, has represented Jutel around the world since 1992. Our RadioMan-system has thousands of users worldwide, producing media to various channels around the clock.

Today, RadioMan is the world’s first radio-as-a-service solution and can meet every type of broadcasting needs from large national stations’ to small local ones’. Thanks to its portability and scalability, RadioMan is a forerunner in radio automatization and helping our customers’ employees have a better user experience


RadioMan® is a full range cloud-based radio broadcasting system for commercial and public radio broadcasting, for content management, workflow management and distribution.

RadioMan® 6 enables your radio broadcast production and studio operations to be location independent.

RadioMan® 6 brings together networked IP-media, virtualised and cloud-enabled back-end processes and browser-based user interfaces on workstations and mobile devices. RadioMan Planner and Live modules can be easily accessed through a web browser, making it suitable for both on-site and remote broadcast operations.


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