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Kaitotek Oy

Know how network quality meets applications

Kaitotek is a provider of unique and innovative software solutions for securing the quality of communications networks. Our top experts have been developing network performance measurement solutions since 2003. Kaitotek’s solutions fit even the most mission-critical connected solutions to ensure their safe and efficient operation at all times.

Kaitotek’s Qosium is a comprehensive solution for real-time network quality measurement and monitoring. In contrast to snapshots provided by traditional QoS measurement solutions, Qosium continuously delivers detailed, real-time QoS and QoE information. Qosium runs on various platforms, enabling up to end-to-end monitoring. You can react immediately to any connectivity disruptions, like increased delays, and fix problems before affecting mission-critical processes, applications, and services.


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    Kaitotek Oy
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    Esa Piri
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