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Kaltio Technologies Oy

Cost-effective IoT solutions

We’re a B2B IOT solutions company. We add the “smart” in “smart devices” and the “connected” in “connected hardware.” We specialize in collecting data from challenging locations without grid power or WiFi, using mostly movable, battery-powered, low-energy sensors.

Kaltiot provides cost-effective IoT solutions for companies and organizations that want to use IoT technology for measurement, monitoring, or controlling smart devices. We carefully select, test and integrate devices from various manufacturers into our own IoT platform. This allows us to offer the best options for each customer’s needs, and to develop IoT projects quickly and cost-effectively without compromising security.

The Kaltiot Smart Tracker system is a flexible, customizable system for monitoring your organization's internal process and production via:
-tracking employee location
-tracking machine and equipment location, usage time, usage rate, impacts
-tracking end product, building, or area usage rates
-tracking materials in your internal supply chain
-remotely monitoring ambient conditions (humidity, temperature, air pressure, particulates, etc)
-Usage and location of non-electronic things, like a bicycle, ski track, or shipping container can be tracked

We can develop new custom IOT applications for almost any IOT related customer needs, for example as part of product development for a new connected product.