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KOMIA Ventures Oy

Solutions and services for business development, digitalization, Web3 and NFT blockchain technologies.

Web3 is the next step in digitalization. We innovate solutions for the future: solutions that change the way we interact, socialise, study, work, experience and influence. We think Web3 and decentralisation empowers the individual. It gives us control of our digital assets and rule over our digital identities. We focus on realising its benefits with NFTs and the limitless possibilities of the future metaverse.

Our long term goal is to build an experience-centric metaverse specifically for arts and culture, with physical contact points to the real world.

As an initial step towards that goal, we provide a curated platform for creative artists to monetize their works in the form of NFTs. NsG – NFTstore.Gallery is a unique, risk-free service for our selected artists.